2011 Best Featured Actor
in a Musical

BroadwayWorld- Washington, DC for F#@KING UP EVERYTHING

"A musical like this can get to be too much of a good thing... They found the perfect foil in the character of a stoned out, mellower than yellow, bass player, Tony, impeccably performed by Jason Wilson. His two featured numbers, “Me and My Bong” and “Getting High” provide a much needed change of pace from the driving, rock and roll freneticism of much of the rest of the piece. They were damn funny as well and were it not for the remarkable performances of [Lee August] Praley and [Crystal] Mosser, he easily could have stolen the show." - DC Theatre Scene

"Jason Wilson brings much needed warmth, charm and comedy to the role of Mereb.
  He knows how to turn a phrase, with a biting delivery that elicits laughs and outrage simultaneously." - broadwayworld.com